Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sugar Skull Inspired Handmade Mask

This Sugar Skull mask (Calavera mask) was designed and created by Gypsy~Rose of GypsyRoses.Org .  This mask is 100% handmade and unique, due to each tiny detail being crafted with meticulous detail.

Handmade, OOAK, Sugar Skull (Calavera) Mask
Handmade, OOAK, Sugar Skull (Calavera) Mask

This mask is available as of this date and comes with the two matching flowers in the background (they are strung on a clear elastic cord and can be worn on the brow, just above the mask).

Please contact Gypsy~Rose for ordering details and availability of this mask.  It costs $98 and is numbered (#1) and signed by Gypsy~Rose.  It will work well for a Halloween costume, Dia De Los Muertos costume or All Soul's Day decoration.

"The word calavera (pronounced: [kalaˈβeɾa], Spanish for "skull") can refer to a number of cultural phenomena associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead and the Roman Catholic holiday All Souls Day." (source; wikipedia).

Gypsy~Rose will be making more masks in the future, as she loved spending the time making something like this Calavera Mask which celebrates both life and vibrant color and death (and honoring those that have passed).

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New designs: Brow Bands, Head Bands and Masks!

I made a few different types of work to bring to the faire this year. Most of these were brow bands. I also made a few masks and some new unicorn horns with decorative "brown bands" (or "plates" for lack of a better term).