Saturday, February 16, 2013

New ad featuring a "Holy Uni!" unicorn horn!

I have had a horn on the BBC in the past (for a April Fool's Day segment on the One Show) but I haven't had any USA prime time exposure... until now!

A customer ordered a "Holy Uni!" costume unicorn horn for an ad for Marketplace Homes. There are two versions, a 30 second and a 60. The 60 is rather large so I will attempt to post the 30. My customer made the ad etc. but was kind enough to forward it along so that I could see it and share it with those that want to see my unicorn horns "in action"!

So, I am not able to upload the video here yet but this is a small still of it, I hope that you like it and thank you to my customer, K., for the wonderful work!

- Gypsy~Rose